Boeshield T9 - Proper Use

Boeshield T9 LubeBoeshield T9
- This stuff is more than just a chain lube but it works great for that. Boeshield was developed by Boeing for use in the aircraft industry. Boeshield creates a film on metal surfaces that will not wash away. T9 lubricates and prevents rust and corrosion. When you apply T9 to your chain it flushes out old lubricants and creates a lasting waterproof film. It cleans, lubricates and protects all in one. Allow it to dry for ultimate protection and performance.


  • Thoroughly clean your drivetrain with that cool stuff you just got from Pedro’s. Let it dry.
  • Apply T9 to the chain at the cassette. Ensure every link gets some lube. You’re trying to get the lube into the inside of the chain links were the pin goes through.
  • Back pedal the crank a dozen or so times so the lube can work its way into the chain.
  • Wipe off excess lube from chain, derailleur jockey pulleys and crank rings. Use a clean dry rag for this.
  • Let T9 dry for a minimum of two hours (overnight works best). This step is super important for optimal performance with this stuff. It really needs to dry to work best or else you may end up with a waxy build up at the derailleur jockey pulleys which will reduce shifting quality and the efficacy of the lube.
  • Ride your bike and enjoy miles and miles of a quite, clean and smooth drivetrain.