Questions & Answers

What is your return policy?
We accept returns for all products and packs within 30 days. We’ll even pay return shipping — just email and we’ll send you a return label. You can return the items for credit toward a future purchase for free. If you’d prefer a refund to your credit card, there’s no fee. For subscription packs, we only accept returns for the entire box and it must be in mint condition.

I love most of the items in my pack, but there’s one I don’t want – can I return just that single item?
No, sorry. Our boxes come as one complete package, which is how we’re able to offer such a great value. So, we can’t break out the components of a box. Consider re-gifting the product for that birthday you forgot.

What if I received a product that’s broken or damaged?
Send an email to and we’ll take care of you right away. That's a real bummer man.